Why a Bespoke Engagement Ring is the Perfect Option

A girl may spend her adolescence and beyond dreaming about her wedding day, but the day of her engagement is equally as important; as is the ring. The perfect engagement ring is different for every girl. While some prefer plain and simple, others prefer extravagance and opulence; and that’s no bad thing. Tastes, styles and stone sizes are all unique choices. In this post, we look at how bespoke options make the perfect engagement ring… they could even make the perfect Christmas gift.

Bespoke Makes it Personal

An engagement to a loved one is a personal moment, and a bespoke engagement ring can help you display just how much you know and love somebody. OK, off the shelf engagement rings can still be stunning and suited to tastes but, with bespoke engagement rings, there’s absolutely no need to compromise on even the tiniest details.

By commissioning your own bespoke engagement ring, you’re able to show your loved one just how much you know about them, adding in those all-important personal touches. If you’re a little unsure on how to decide what she’ll like, The Telegraph can help.

A One of a Kind Design

The main advantage of a bespoke engagement ring is, of course, their uniqueness. Off the shelf engagement rings may be stunning, but they’re also worn by others. This means that there will be other women wearing the same engagement ring as the one you have purchased. Although not necessarily an issue, uniqueness adds that additional exclusivity to the engagement, showing not only thought about what your partner would like, but also the meaningfulness of the occasion. If your partner is the only person in the world for you, then buying them the only version in the world of that ring is a great way to show it.

Build to Your Budget

Finally, a bespoke engagement ring allows you to build to your budget; especially as most jewellery stores offer bespoke enquiry services such as Mode Diamonds so you can learn what’s affordable. By starting with your budget and an idea in mind, you can build the perfect ring with the money that you have, meaning that you’ll be certain of costings throughout the entire process. By doing things this way, you’re less likely to be scratching around for pennies and, if you go in for a consultation, you can really convey exactly what you’re after for your cash.

As well as adding personalisation, classiness and an ability to build to a budget, there are a number of other reasons why you should opt for a bespoke engagement ring.

So, the only question that remains is: will you be making a bespoke engagement ring the perfect Christmas gift this year?