Blue And Black Or White And Gold- What Do You See?

Human eyes are camera to capture life, but it also a gateway to illusion. Different light shades, contrasting colors, non-synch environment or background can really make it worse it identify color and shape correctly. You might have experienced the confusion over the color of especially black and navy blue and other related colors.

It all started with a guy posted an image of a dress on social media website. The question asked is the color of the dress: is it blue and black or white and gold. The dress is bandage dress and faming to its contrasting colors it got many names the dress gate, the dress debate etc. The image and debate went viral over internet. The dress has opened the gates of debate and the challenge goes scribbling in many minds.

The debate knocks the gate of optical illusion in humans. Optical illusion is basically different between the physical share and color and the perception which is created by the mind through the information provided by eyes. There could be lot of illusions like physiological illusions, pathological illusions, cognitive illusions etc. Illusions are not always created due to the physical factors but sometime our mind plays vital role with its fascinations and ability combine reality and fascination.