Top 5 Fancy Wedding Trends in 2017

If a match is made in a wondrous place like heaven, why celebrate the glorious union on earth in the most mundane manner? Tie a knot with your better half in the most exciting and memorable way. And if budget is your major concern then you have just landed on the right place. Let your wedding give a literal representation of ‘A happily ever after’ with these chic wedding trends of this year. The best part is, though these ideas look expensive, but they are actually pocket-friendly.

Wedding Trends

Image by Pexels

1. Special Feast for Your Special Day

Your wedding meal should be as special and hearty as the event itself. Go for innovative lunch ideas like food trucks or mobile eatery to create a fun experience for the guests. A neatly dressed table carrying platters beautifully lined with delicacies and a mighty tiered wedding cake that serves as a centerpiece look sublime.

You can employ best and affordable catering services like Flavours Catering– Sydney’s top catering company – offering 5-star deals,which are as appealing as the taste of its foods.

One of the hottest and most appreciated trends on a wedding is an interactive food station where waiters prepare seafood and cocktails live. This is also a great source of entertainment along with a soft music playing in the background to lighten up everyone’s mood.

2. Standout Wedding Dress

This year, breezy long skirts with floral and frilly touches have been seen making their way down the aisle. What could be a better dress for a summer wedding than an off-shoulder gown that beats the heat while keeping the bridal glam intact.

Airy silhouettes and detachable skirts give away an ethereal vibe. You can always go bold with glittery embellishments and metallic shades, but the simplicity of a neutral-shaded flowing ball gown will give you the essence of a true fairytale.

3. The Gift Lounge

Instead of handing pre-prepared goodie bags, why not put smiles on everyone’s face by letting them fill their own welcome bags? Your happy day should be everyone’s happy day! Allocate a room to different snacks, sweets, drinks and local treats for the guests to choose their favourite goodies. This way everyone will be reminded how cool your wedding was.

4. Themed Wedding

Themed weddings are a rapidly emerging trend in 2017. If the bride and groom are die-hard fans of a particular season, movie or even an animation, they can design their dream wedding based on it. You don’t need to spend a hefty amount for this;just a customised wedding cake, a few props and a suitable venue will do.

For example, if you and your fiancé are Harry Potter fans, you can incorporate HP movie series inspired food items like the butter beer and sticky toffee pudding or decorations like floating candles and broomsticks to give that magical feel to your wedding.

5. Decorate the Space Using Just Technology

Be at a mystical forest or a refreshing seaside without paying a fortune or without actually being there! Confused, are you? Image mapping is a projection technology that lets you transform your space with the help of lights and moving pictures, giving a 3d effect. So, now you can be anywhere you want at your wedding. You only need to think outside the box.And why not, it’s your special day!

Image by Pexels