Going Gucci: The Brand’s Rise In India

Guccio Gucci (GG,) more popularly know as simply “Gucci,” is one of the most famous fashion houses in the world. India needs no introduction this high-end brand, as this is a household name in the country.

Everyone from your rich aunt to the friendly neighbourhoodauto-wala seems to know Gucci! They may not get the pronunciation right, with many proudly showing off their new “Gucky” bag or watch, but there is no denying the popularity of this brand in India.

How does this brand manage to stand out from the herd of equally qualified competitors? Why does everyone keep saying “Goo-chi” when talking about fashion? If you’ve ever wondered about these things, your answers lie here.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the reasons why this Italian brand is so popular among the desi population.

Coolness By Association

The premium that you pay for products from Gucci in India isn’t just for the undeniable quality, you also get the bonus of owning a product from a prominent brand.

With the sheer number of people in India— 1.25 billion strong in 2013—you can’t really fault someone for wanting to stand out. Wearing your flashy and cool Gucci article, you’re bound to get appreciative looks and compliments.

Coolness by association is definitely a major factor when going in for one of these high-end accessories. This is why high-end watches like the YA133304, from Gucci’s Interlocking range, are so popular.

This particular watch, with its 18-karat pink and black PVD casing, is one of the best sellers in the country, and has many fans. Speaking of fans…

Celebrities And The Indian Fan

People the world over adore their celebrities. In India, however, we worship them. More often than not, this is a literal statement, with temples dedicated to certain stars and starlets!

Celebrities, especially those who act in Bollywood and play cricket, are obsessively followed by Indians from all walks of life. Many try to emulate their style, their attitudes, and you guessed it—their brands as well.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and there are more Indians who try to mimic celebrities than you could ever possibly count.

Seeing as a lot of celebrities flaunt the latest from brands like Gucci, its popularity among the masses is easily understandable.

Bling Is King

The rap and hip-hop culture exploded into the worldwide music scene recently, and India is no exception—this music and associated culture has taken the country by storm. The entrance of hip hop has influenced everything from Bollywood filmi music to fashion.

A lot of rappers tend to incorporate high-end brand names into their lyrics. Famous musicians, such as Jay-Z, have been known to do this quite often, and guess which brand keeps popping up most often! You guessed right; Gucci beats its opposition quite comfortably in the rap mention game.


The watches that people go for when influenced by these artists tend to be among the precious tone-inlaid and shiny metal variants. Such is the trend among rappers and hip hop superstars. There is even a term—bling—to describe expensive accessories of the flashy variety.

Popular watches like the Gucci G-Chrono Collection New XL are examples of this type of watch.

watchMore and more urban youth and young adults are influenced by western culture, especially American culture. With India being so invested in the hip-hop culture along with the need to own “nice” things, Gucci popularity has definitely received a significant boost here.

These are the primary reasons why Gucci enjoys so much popularity among the Indian population. Bizarre though some of these reasons might be—who would’ve guessed musicians from the US could influence Indians into buying Italian products?!—these are the logical explanations for Gucci’s Indian stardom.