Guide to Knowing the Best Sunglasses Design for Your Face Shape

Season by season there are different design trends coming out. This spring season being up to date in the latest fashion trends is a must. 2015 has become the year of statement glasses. Sunglasses are just being an important accessory during the day, being both fashionable while protecting your eyes from the glaring sun’s rays is definitely something to think about when you strut outside in style.

This year, while we have the classic aviators, circle, cat eye designs and designs with different shapes, sizes and colors available. Vintage designs have also given modern touches, having trendy looks and details.

With the wide range of sunglasses designs available today, and different brands have different types and designs, knowing what best suits your face would make it much easier to find the best 2015 design that will both keep you trendy and flatter your face.



Square shaped faces have angular lines with equally wide forehead, cheekbones, and jaw. The best type of sunglasses for this face shape are round framed glasses as a contrast to their angular lines, these glasses soften these features. A thinner frame will be beneficial and make sure that the glasses are slightly wider than your cheekbones.



Round faces have soft angles, a wide forehead, jaw and a slightly wider cheekbones. The best type of sunglasses for this face shape are rectangular frames that give the face a sharper look, but make sure that these glasses have bold angular frames and that the bottom is just above your cheekbones.

Heart Shaped

Most people think that a heart shaped face is the most flattering face shape, but how do you make it prettier with the right type of sunglasses? Simple, knowing that the heart face shape is wider at the forehead and gradually becomes narrow through the jawline, the perfect glasses for this face shape are modified wayfarer shapes, this shape works great for enhancing heart face features. Just make sure that the width is slightly wider than your forehead to balance it out, and choosing frames that have bottom details.


Oval face shapes are very versatile and can fit most glasses styles, as it has a gentle, wide cheekbone and narrow foreheads and jawlines. People who have this kind of face shape may find it easier to look for glasses, but did you know that there’s also a perfect glasses design for these? Oversized frames, these fit perfectly with oval face shapes. You’ll need to choose a bold shape and stand out by using both color and detailing.