Keeping on your toes: wedding last minute check ups!

We think feet and weddings with ideas and last minute tips for your shoes on the big day

When it comes to wedding shoes, fashion isn’t really a question. Weddings are weddings, and unlike ‘the 70s trend’ they don’t really come and go. What’s more, being a very traditional and conservative institution and ceremony with nominally religious roots, the styles don’t really change. It’s still considered news-worthy if someone chooses against a white dress.

So, the issue of ‘wedding fashion’ is something of an irrelevance in purely superficial terms. However, one thing that is really carrying over from mainline fashion into the wedding-planning world is the recovered desire for longevity, classic, strong, hardy fabrics and clean lines.

Over-the-top flourishes are beginning to be seen as unnecessarily decadent and dangerously snobbish in recession-era Britain, and this has filtered through to wedding preparations, where couples in the UK are likely to spend a small salary on the big day.

One look that has been enjoying popularity of late, and is an excellent option for those with an outdoor or grass element to their wedding, is wedge shoes. Not only are these infinitely more comfortable than small kitten heels or spindly stilettos, wedges are also able to spread your weight and thus won’t disappear into the grass when you step outside to have beautiful wedding party photos taken. High street favourite Next has an impressive range of wedges, perfect for wedding shoes.

Other trends to look out for that have merged into the wedding world from big Italian designers in couture and high fashion is colour experimentation. Whilst the classic soft satin slipper in ivory and peach remains the little-girl-fantasy that many still plump for, 2012 is seeing subtle new shades such as nude, very gentle lemon and even a sort of brushed off-grey/silver coming into play.

The key is to be sensible with the shape and heel, and playful with the colour and reflectivity of the fabric. That’s how to get the most out of your wedding shoe fashion this year.