Keeping Your Hair Trendier This Summer

It’s getting hotter as each summer passes. For a person to look hot and trendy, it is necessary to stay updated with the latest hairstyling trends. Stay stylish and look cool by following the hairstyling trends of summer 2011.

Hairstyles For Summer 2011

Summer 2011 hairstyles for women are a classic combination of some of the popular old styles with contemporary looks.

Getting that look which will make the summer hotter for you!

  • For those with medium hair, opt for a Fringe cut

Not many people opted for a fringe hairstyle in recent times. However the trend seems to have changed. A fringe cut offers an eye-catching look along with some uniqueness. One of the major advantages of a keeping a fringe is that it can work for most hair colors. I would recommend a Bob look with a fringe cut. The Bob cut is back in action, but looks good when paired with a fringe. Interesting thing about a Bob is that it can work fairly well for both straight as well as the wavy hair types.

  • Crop cut may be a smart option this summer!

As it is summer time, best thing is to keep the hair length as short as possible. Nothing works better in such conditions than a crop cut. Keeping a fringe with side crop is not a good option. Try going for a basic crop, which is short and slick on all sides.

  • Going for a simple double hair knot

This is a good option for those who prefer to keep their hair longer. The double hair knot can give you that cute and elegant look. Go for a double hair knot to keep your hair in synchronization with the 2011 hairstyles.

  • Trying an alternative look with a Topknot

It certainly looks a very different hairstyle, the topknot. Try this if you have the courage and attitude to flaunt it. It is surely one of the most improvised styles of 2011.

Which are the hair colours of summer 2011?

Hair colour trends have been chopped and changed for the past few years. So nothing fresher can be applied here. Emphasis should be on going for a hair colour, which will suit your hairstyle and skin tone. There cannot be a bigger blunder than choosing the wrong hair colour.

  • A pure blonde look

This summer is about sporting the brightest styles. Nothing beats white in intensity. This hair colour has already been made popular by many models this year. Blonde hair colour with a Fringe or a Crop cut will provide the slick style you are looking for.

  • Going for an Earthen Colour

Earthen colours comprise of red and brown shades. You will not see many on the road, carrying this hair colour. It is a very loud hair colour to pull off. Red has always been the colour of flair and elegance right from the medieval period. So sport this colour if you want to exhibit a trendy look.

For Men, 2011 summer hairstyles are unique as well. Some simple styles which have found their way back this summer.

  • Keep it plain and simple by going for a bald look

A shaved head is being preferred by many because of the hot climate this season. The hairstyle does not require be combing and looking after. This hair trend is perfect for those who do not have time to look after their hair.

  • For long hair, opt for a ponytail

Instead of keeping the dreadlocks and curly bangs for long hair, keeping a ponytail is a simple and efficient option! Set your hair in desired style, before putting the ponytail in.

  • Classic military cut is back!

For smaller hair, there cannot be a more convenient haircut than a military cut. Also known as the crew cut, it is best suited for people who want to keep their hair to plain and simple level.

Hair colour trends this summer for Men

There has always been a limited range of hair colours for Men. Choose a hair colour carefully depending on your skin tone, haircut and face type.

  • Placing your faith in the trusted colours!

Many people have always selected brown and tan colours as their preferred choice. They may just be perfect for those with a darker complexion. Experimenting with some darker shades such as Burgundy, may even prove to be a good option. Be careful though!

  • Try to keep the hair colour simple

It is advisable to opt for a hair colour which is of a similar shade to the natural hair colour. Opting for a completely opposite shade to the natural hair colour is a common style crime. Try mixing the hair colour with your basic hair colour, to give a smart and casual look.

Above mentioned styles and colours are just examples of some of the things you can try out this summer. Select a style which makes you comfortable and is fairly easy to maintain. Adjust your hair to the summer of 2011 to get an inspiring look!