Helpful Laser Hair Removal Tips

It does not take much to notice that laser hair removal is a treatment that is becoming very popular for anyone who has unwanted hair that they would like to have removed permanently. However, you should know that the results over the long term can vary from person to person.

LHR, or laser hair removal, is something that is going to work best on light skinned people who have dark hair. Lighter hairs may have to be darkened artificially in order to get the laser to target them effectively.

Laser Hair Removal

When you go in for treatment, you should know that it is best that you do not remove any of your hair by the roots for at least six weeks, which will mean no waxing, tweezing, etc. If you would like to remove unwanted hair in this time period, it is best to use depilatory cream or shaving methods only.

For the right laser hair removal treatment, you need to make sure that you pick a facility that uses newer technology and only employs knowledgeable and properly trained staff. When it comes time for your consultation, be sure to ask about the methods that are used and see if they use a coolant spray with the laser as the pulse of light is being applied. This can have a very soothing result, which many patients enjoy.

It is going to always be crucial that you get a consultation so you can get to know the staff and understand each step of the process. Once you meet the technician, you can even ask for a test pulse so that you know what you are signing on for before you actually commit to anything.

If you shave as closely as possible before the procedure, you will find that it can help you to minimize the pain that you could be subjected to. Believe it or not, avoiding caffeine for about 24 hours prior to your treatment will help you to be relaxed and it can also help with minimizing the pain from your laser hair removal.

While you are having the treatment done, you should know that you can expect a certain amount of pain. Some patients often liken it to the same feeling that you may get if you have a rubber band slapped onto your skin or you happen to tweeze more than one hair at one time.

Always give your technician honest feedback pertaining to any of the pain that you are feeling. You may find that they can adjust the overall intensity of the laser, adjust the coolant application or even see about a numbing cream that you can put on your skin.

Basically speaking, learning all that you can about laser hair removal prior to your appointment will be the best way to understand what you could be facing. In the end, you should see that you will be happy with the results despite the small amount of discomfort that you may experience.