Look Stylish Even in Dangerous Conditions

Stylishly Safeguarded

The vast majority of people don’t bother seriously considering how functional their clothing is when it comes to safety. It’s just not something you think about on a daily basis, going about your normal routine. The closest you get is taking the weather into account when deciding what to wear. Whether you need to look good during a disaster or you simply want to be prepared for the worst, sometimes you have to be more practical about your clothing choices. That doesn’t mean you have to cut back on style in order to be safe. These days, it’s quite easy to dress nicely and avoid serious injury to yourself. As an example, just take a look at fire resistant clothing from FROutlet.com.

At first glance, a lot of FR shirts seem a tad on the plain side. However, the more you look at, the more you’d see that they actually come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They’re normal-looking enough to the point that no one could really tell that you’re wearing fire resistant clothing. Most of the options are solid colors: gray, dark blue, black. They also come in plaid and camo. They have a bit of a “light jacket” type of look to them. However, some of the shirts look more like regular button-downs!

Pants in general are a lot less diverse as a general rule; pants for men even more so. Limited options for fire resistant pants aren’t necessarily a bad thing, given that the majority of them look like regular jeans. They are incredibly flexible and can be paired with almost anything. The only real differing options are the colors: blue and black. Like the shirts, these pants aren’t really recognizable as “safety first” clothing. Anyone who is fashion-conscious won’t feel like they’ll stand out in a crowd.

When it comes to shoes and fire safety, the general consensus is that boots are better and more practical. There’s a good reason for this: this ensures that your ankles aren’t exposed to any potential flames. With regular shoes, sometimes ankles don’t get completely covered by the pant legs and there’s a little gap that exposes the ankle or the sock. In a fire, this is dangerous, as fires are more likely to be located closer to the ground. Injuring your leg means you’re less likely to escape the fire. Most boot options come in varying shades of brown. Some of them even are even decorated with flames.

Something a little more risky when it comes to style is pulling off coveralls. To be perfectly blunt, there really is no safe way to wear these like normal, everyday clothes. They come in a decent variety of colors, but all of them scream “I work in a factory” and aren’t really something you’d go about your daily business in. However, depending on the situation, they may be more appropriate if you’re dealing with a dangerous situation.

Looking tall of the available options, you can see that it’s easy to be comfortably stylish while also maintaining a decent level of personal safety. You don’t have to sacrifice your well-being to look good, and you don’t have to dress strangely to keep safe. You can mix and max different selections for a variety of outfits that are all designed to protect you. A good thing about fire resistant clothing is that the color schemes and designs tend to be similar enough to each other that you can’t really go wrong no matter what articles of clothing you pair up.

Image by Pexels