Looking Sexy for Prom

If you want to look and feel sexy for your prom, grab the right dress and start accessorising. Here’s our top tips to get the look.

The key to looking red hot on prom night is to take care of yourself in the run up to the big event. It doesn’t mean embarking on a massive diet and exercise regime. Here are some straightforward tips to pulling off sexy for prom.



It’s not just about the dress – you want to look your best overall. No matter how tempted you are to spend the entire night before prom staying up, it’s not going to do you any favours. Get in a few early nights in the run up to eliminate dark under eye circles and to look your very brightest.


If you haven’t been hydrating properly, your skin will show it. Make sure you’re getting a couple of glasses a day on top of your usual quota and your skin will look amazing in that sexy prom dress 2016.


On the topic of skin, don’t change your routine just before homecoming. If you want to try new products for cleansing, try them out a few months before to make sure your skin agrees.


If you normally wax, then stick to your regime. But if you’re prone to little break outs just after waxing, be sure to get it done at least a week before prom and then tidy up with tweezers the night before.


If you’re going to use fake tan, be sure to experiment first. A trial run is essential to make sure you won’t be going to prom a brighter shade of orange. To avoid streaks, shave your legs and exfoliate and moisturise before applying tan.


A stunning hairdo will add to the sexiness of your prom dress and enhance your overall look. If you have short hair, rock it in a shorter dress but if you’d prefer a longer gown, opt for extensions and luscious locks.


Makeup can style your entire homecoming look. Let’s face it: your face is going to be the first thing everyone will look at, so your makeup needs to be on point. Go for big bold lashes to really give your eyes a sexy pop.

If you’d prefer a classic look, you can’t go wrong with red lips and dark, smoky eyes.

If that’s a bit bold for you, keep your makeup natural and stick to accentuating your eyes.

Let’s Not Forget the Dress

Obviously a sexy prom dress is going to be the most important part of your look for the night. Here are some of the most gorgeous styles to choose from:

  • A two-piece. If you love showing off your midriff, choose a two piece prom dress or a crop top dress. You’ll look sexy and trendy.
  • Necklines. Both plunging V-necks and sweetheart necklines are classic prom choices that can look stunning. A deep V-neck is sure to have you looking and feeling ultra-sexy.
  • Showing off legs. If you have great legs, you can show them off at prom with thigh high slits. You’re sure to steal the spotlight.
  • Open-back dresses. This is an elegant way to add a touch of sexiness to a homecoming look. It’s also one of the hottest trends right now.
  • Mermaid dresses. These curve hugging gowns are great for prom and adorned with a little bit of beading, you’re sure to look glam.


Complete your gorgeous prom look with a sexy pair of shoes. Add the final touches with killer heels or choose nude heels to make your legs look super-long.

Looking gorgeous for prom is all about being classy, though, not trashy.

Image credit:  Justin