Prom Dresses from Peaches Boutique: Even at Last Minute

Sure, it’s ideal to be well-prepared, but even if you make a last-minute decision to attend prom, you can still find a great dress and have a great time.

Some scenarios of the last-minute prom attendance:

  1. You are a horrible procrastinator
  2. The tickets were prohibitive ($35 to $250 per person), but you had a recent windfall.
  3. You finally got up the nerve to ask your crush, who said “Yes!”
  4. Your crush finally gathered up the nerve to ask you and you said, “Yes!”
  5. You and your friends decided to go as group.

Whatever the reason, you’re suddenly going to prom. Depending on where you live, where you attend school and who you are, you can spend a lot, if not a fortune, on a prom dress and other sundries.

If you’re really cutting it close, your first thought must be the prom dress. It’s probably a tight squeeze to try and sew something together, or even to have someone cobble something together for you. You could go to a local thrift store and experience the miracle of the one in one thousandth chance that you could find a dress that’s not worn, doesn’t smell, and fits.  You could go to a local department store and run the risk of wearing the same dress as one or more of your classmates.

One of the smartest things you could do is look for prom dresses from Peaches Boutique. If you’re in the Chicago area, or near enough to get there with relative ease, you should definitely make the effort to go because Peaches is not just a dress or gown shop, it truly could be considered the world’s premiere prom-dress emporium. For teens, it’s a treat, because of a personalized experience rarely available in most boutiques. Even if you’re not in the immediate area and your actual physical presence is impossible, the store has an amazing online boutique, with free ground shipping and returns available. They ship seven-days-a-week, offer expedited shipping if you need it, there are actual customer service representatives who can take orders over the phone. They also take note of the dress purchased and what school it’s for, ensuring that there will be no duplicates at your enchanted evening.  We would be very hard pressed to find a store that can boast 20,000 dresses in stock. And if you are not that ideally average size, fret not as they carry dresses from sizes 00 to 28.

Whether you’ve been planning to go since freshman year or if you’ve just decided, you cannot deny the budget’s importance whether you’re footing the entire bill yourself, sharing with your date or companions, or if your parents are involved.

Image by Peaches Boutique

Image by Peaches Boutique

Budget Concerns

  • Prom Tickets
  • Pre-Prom Dinner
  • Hair/Make-Up/Nails & Stuff
  • Prom Gown
  • Boutonniere/Flowers For Him
  • Formal Photography
  • Limousine Rental

Best Tips for the Last Minute

  1. Don’t shop for your dress hungry.
  2. Be nice to the saleslady or salesman.
  3. Let your mom shop with you if she wants.
  4. Expensive doesn’t always mean best.
  5. If you wake up on prom day with a pimple, crush aspirin and apply it for reduction of redness and swelling.
  6. Splashed on too much cologne? Diffuse it by putting rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball.
  7. Static electricity raising your hair? Use a dryer sheet to tame that mane.
  8. Wind winding up wild hairs? Use lip balm (rub on hand) and pat down your hair
  9. Did you get white marks from your deodorant on your dress? Use nylon to wipe it away.
  10. Streaky spray tan? Use a mix of lemon and baking soda to lighten.
  11. Puffy eyes? Freeze two spoons, lay down, apply spoons to your lids.
  12. Sore feet are an extremely common problem. Bring a pair of small foldable ballet flats in your pocketbook or in the car. Carry a small square of moleskin, too.
  13. You should’ve broken in your shoes prior to prom night, but to prevent blisters, rub deodorant on the spots for friction reduction.
  14. Check your teeth. Business cards and straws are great emergency flossers, and, while you’re in the bathroom doing this, use a toilet seat cover to blot your face of excess oil.

Your last-minute decision will have no impact on your future memories which I bet are most likely to be good ones!