Top 5 Spring Summer 2015 Trends for Women

The spring summer 2015 collection has been pretty impressive with bursts of colours, make-up and accessories in women’s clothing. The designs that were introduced this season got everyone excited. It only seems just, that we share the top picks from the runway.

1. Khaki

Khakis first became popular, when they hit the runway about 40 years ago. This classic, is back in style with everyone, from Chanel to Marc Jacobs to Ralph Lauren seem to have added it to their women’s clothing line. Each designer has brought out a different aspect of this evergreen colour. It seems like khaki is here for good, sometimes in the form of sexy shorts while at other times as flowy pants.

2. Nautical

You could see a glimpse from the coast on the ramp with nautical themes making a comeback. Runways in Paris, New York and Milan all showed designs inspired by the sea. While Lanvin showcased oversized coats, Marc Jacob’s and Chloe added yacht inspired dresses to their line. Just about every designer seems to have given their nod to this particular design.

3. Sultry Black Sheer

Black has always ruled the roost from time immemorial and to add to the sexiness of the colour, the designers have now added stylish sheer. The season saw Dolce & Gabbana offer sultry dress, with beautiful design cut outs. Michael Kors showcased beautiful black silhouettes. Bottega Vennata too was quite suggestive with sheer black designs, which boasted of see-through inserts.

4. Jumpsuits

From technicians to fighter pilots, the season saw designers draw inspiration from all of these. The designs were utilitarian which was fashion forward. Dior, Ralph Lauren and Pucci, all showcased jumpsuits, and added an edge to it with leather belts, oversized buttons, scarves etc. Jumpsuits are being looked at as the next sophisticated and chic thing, in women’s clothing line.

5. Squares

Squares seem to be the next in thing in fashion. Every designer from Chanel to Issey Miyake to Tsumori Chisato seemed to include the squares in the design. While the size of the squares varied from one designer to another, it was a permanent fixture this season. So include some squares in your wardrobe, couple it with some great shoes and be ramp ready.

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