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Following The Trend This Summer

The summer is here and for those fashion enthusiasts, there is plenty to look forward to. It is very important to look trendier and hotter this summer, so you must what is in and what is out in the fashion world this time.

2011 Summer Fashion Trends

Style trends for women include the retro looks of the 70’s in combination with the latest designs.

Return of the Retro Look!

The retro look of the 70’s is back this summer. High waist pants along with a simple top may just look great on you. Try pairing you wardrobe accessories accordingly with your costume.

The 60’s trend of wearing elbow length gloves is the latest fashion statement. Match this with a hat of similar colour and you have the perfect fashion style to combat the heat.

A range of pants!

Whether you love wearing a Capri or a wide legged pant, you can sport both this summer. Try experimenting with your look by trying something different. A bell-bottom pant may just do the trick. Opt for a pleats rather than going for plain style.

Flaunt your tops by wearing them stylishly!

The style of cropped tops has been the trend in the past few years.

The trend continues this year too. Go for a striped crop top. Striped tops provide the vibrancy of colours in great measures.

Selecting Your Accessories

Accessories have definitely changed this summer, as compared to the previous few years. A belt purse is the hottest piece in the fashion market. Be careful not to experiment too much with the purse colour.

Try complementing the colour of the purse to your pants.

Sunglasses are probably the only fashion accessories that are continuously updated every summer. The cat eyeglasses are the one in action this time.

Make sure your footwear is trendy!

There is an old fashion statement; footwear is the base of your fashion style. An out of sort’s footwear may completely destroy your otherwise excellent look. The high-heeled footwear is the one to go for this summer. Try matching the color of your footwear to that of your pant.

It is not gloomy for Men this summer. Some nice and eye-catching fashion trends are waiting for Men this summer. Experimenting with colors is certainly a great idea.

The slim fitting shirt

The slim-fitting shirts are in action this summer as well. These body-hugging designs look really good when worn properly. Go for shirts in the combination of vibrant colors.

Suit styling

Arguably, a suit is the most elegant dress code for Men. Be it a wedding or a casual party, a well-worn suit is reliable in any situation. Those with a darker complexion must go for a suit with larker colors such as cream, whereas those with fairer skin tone can carry off bright and dark colored suits equally well.

The double-breasted suit is the one to go for this summer, especially if you are tall and slim. Do not forget to put a pocket-handkerchief for your suit, to complete the look. The cut on the side and back of the blazer is also a good option.

Try opting for suits made out of pure Linen. This can save you from the scorching heat this summer. Choose a suit fabric, which is comfortable for you.

The Jeans pattern

Slim fit is a complete no-no from a fashion point of view this summer, when it comes to Jeans. A unique and completely different style for men has replaced them. It is the flared jeans pattern. They are not the traditional bell-bottom jeans. Bell-bottoms widen at the bottom, while flared jeans have a uniform width throughout.

Accessories this summer

Some of the basic fashion rules have not changed. Matching your belt colour to that of your shoes is still a fashion trend. Complementing your tie colour to that of your suit or shirt is another fashion tip, which must be followed.
These are just some suggestions on the trends in the fashion circle this summer. Certain basic rules of fashion must still be followed.

For men, obnoxious suit colours such as, yellow or pink are still a fashion taboo. Fashion must be comfortable to carry. Having a unique fashion sense, which is manageable, is what you should look for. Opting for fancy designer clothes, which may not fit on your body type, is a fashion blunder as well.

It is essential to complete the look properly. Always wear clothes and accessories that are compatible with your body type. People with thinner frame, must try mixing horizontal stripes to create a sense of bulkiness. Those on the fatter side must go for vertical stripes.

I hope this fashion advice worked for you. Do not be afraid to experiment with colours. So till then, keep it stylish and do not forget to mix it up!

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