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Top Beauty and Makeup Trends You Must Not Miss for Spring 2012

The concept of beauty and makeup is never ending and every year you get to see the best new trends being brought into the market by top beauty products makers and designers. The 2012 year has just begun but you will definitely find some of the top fashion designers and beauticians working hard on creating new trends that can help people to look chic and in style. There are many things that are brought into the limelight and beauty and makeup definitely ensures that people look great no matter wherever they are.

Low Maintenance is the pick of the year 2012 and therefore many hair stylists and makeup people have gone for looks that look raw and natural. Hence, you will find that many models and stylists are going for simple youthful appearance rather than adding too much of makeup and gloss on the face. Instead the stylists and beauticians are using simple argan oil that makes the hair look glossy which actually makes the face look better without any makeup required.

Photo by nycgeo

When it comes to hairstyle going for simple styles are preferred compared to looking for more designs. The focus this year is about lack of time and therefore tousled knots and center parts are becoming common which does not need too much of attention and it can be handled easily even when people are at work and it can go well with different apparels.

Photo by FFX © florbelas fotographix

Bold lips are also among the top trends that designers are going for this year. We can see many designers and makeup professionals going for simple makeup effects but using bold dark red lipstick colors that can provide better looks to the face. The hair is glistened to the roots but they are dry at the tip along with some dark bold lipstick colors that make you look different in the crowd.

Photo by watsonsinelgin

Since staying simple is the beauty and makeup trend this year, hair stylists and makeup professionals are going for ponytails that can provide good looks without more efforts. Pony buns are also getting some good reviews and therefore many designers are keeping it simple with pony buns for models that have short hair as that can look great without too much of makeup and style required.

Photo by NCBrian

Soaking wet is also one of the top trends that people love this year. The simple but effective hairstyle is something that people want to try when they have no time to make themselves look better. The soaking wet style is usually achieved through oily hair which looks like dripping water and minimal makeup which provides fresh looks to the face and glistening lipstick colors that make wet effect. On the other hand, the beach wave hairstyle and makeup is effortless trend that is becoming popular in urban areas which can be achieved by rough blow dry and simple curl iron. Although, the hair looks neat it does not require any extra makeup to make you look good in any kind of apparel.

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