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Best Wedding Dresses – Fashion Trends 2011

Fashion is constantly evolving. Every season, the fashion designers present a new fashion trend and look for the female silhouette. In addition, this constantly evolving fashion trend is not limited to casual, formal and evening wear. Wedding dresses are also significantly influenced by fashion trends.

With the wedding season around the corner, love is definitely in the air. Millions of brides worldwide are now leaving no stone turned and putting in all they can in order to ensure that they look as a princess on the very special day. A wedding dress is unquestionably one of the most important factors in regard to the wedding and literally defines the style and class of the wedding.

Best Wedding Dresses

Although best wedding dresses tend to be classic and timeless, there are few fashion trends every season that can transform the attire from pretty to absolutely perfect and create a unique and new silhouette. The fashion trends 2011 for the wedding dresses are concentrated on old school yet glamorous and elegant vintage designs.

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In order to avoid all sorts of mistakes, here is a list of fashion trends 2011 for best wedding dresses.

  • Color Power

Pristine white, snowy white or simply ivory may be the finest color choice for wedding gowns, but for this season, fashion trends 2011 for the best wedding dresses seems to be out of this shell. Well, this season, you can easily bunk the tradition and choose any color you love the best.

  • Cascade of Ruffles

Most of the brides wish to select wedding dresses that feature a modern and romantic look. As a result, cascade of ruffles are back in a bigger way than ever.  Gowns featuring tiers and layers of ruffles pleated in an elegant fashion in a soft fabric will definitely make a wise selection.

  • Frothy Skirts

The fact cannot be denied that frothy skirts have been extremely popular since ever. As these oversize skirts are airy and light, they have a secured a place in the list of fashion trends 2011 for the best wedding dresses. If you choose to wear frothy skirts as your wedding dress, it shall impart you a stylish look and you shall seem to literally float while you walk down the aisle.

  • Ball Gowns

if you have also had the fantasy of dressing up as a Cinderella or a Disney princess, there cannot be a better choice than ball gowns as the wedding ensemble. You will be pleased to know that ball gowns also fall among the list of the fashion trends 2011. These gowns are marked by a fitted body and waistline which gives way to a full skirt.

  • 1950’s – 1960’s Style

With the vintage style and theme being blooming in every sphere, how best wedding dresses could stay away from it. Yes, you are right, wedding dresses following the 1050s and 1960s are also popular this season. These fitted dresses shall highlight your figure and assist you in flaunting your best look.

  • Flower trend

Impressive and the elegant flower trend, which was quite popular the last year continues this year as fashion trends 2011. However, unlike the last year which saw floral embellishments and accents as the trend, this year, it is the flower detailing, which can be in full bloom this year.  Whether you select small flower detailing or settle with a skirt dominated with flower foliage, it is unquestionably going to be one of the best wedding dresses.

  • Asymmetrical seams

Needless to be mentioned but asymmetrical seams have been significantly popular in the last few couple of years, but there is a plenty of more to come because of it is extremely flattering to many brides.  Asymmetrical seams will be seen this year in the best wedding dresses in the form of asymmetrical pleats, cuts and styles.

  • Big Bows

if you walk down the memory lane, you shall remember all the dresses featuring a big bow over the butt or on the shoulder, etc and this is exactly what has made a comeback this year as one of the most eye popping fashion trends 2011. A big bow embellished on the wedding dress not only adds the vow factor but also lends an elegant yet contemporary look to the dress.

  • One shoulder dresses

One shoulder dresses which were significantly lonely among the strapless wedding dresses, are currently enjoying their special place under the sun. Featuring the Greek Goddess impact, one shoulder wedding dresses look sophisticated as well as chic.

  • Sleeve Dresses

while the strapless wedding dresses have dominated the wedding scene for more than a decade or so, one of the new fashion trends 2011, which are back with a bang are popularly gaining momentum is the full or cap sleeve dresses. Many designers all across the globe are now brining this style back to the wedding dresses.

Best Wedding Dresses

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