Top 10 Fashion Schools in the World

People today are very concerned about the way they appear and therefore you will find that most people like to know more about the latest fashion that is going around. Fashion is never constant and therefore people want to keep changing their dressing sense to look better and unique. Many students today want to try something different rather than going for the regular MBA degree from some college online or going for PhD which is why there are students who want to try their hands in fashion designing.

Top Fashion Schools

Here we provide you with the top fashion schools in the world where you can try your luck to shape your career.


1. Central St. Martins, London

If you are looking for the top fashion schools in the world then right at the top is Central St. Martins in London which is undoubtedly the top fashion school where you can shape your career forever.

This schools provides you with all the facilities that you can think of but that comes at a high school fee which is somewhere around $19,000 for international students. However, some of the best students from here have made their mark in the world of fashion like John Galliano and Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane. The location of this fashion school makes it one of the popular and top fashion schools.


2. Parsons The New School of Design, New York

There is no doubt that after Paris, New York is the fashion capital in the world and therefore it also has the best fashion school here. Parsons is very famous for the kind of techniques they use to teach students to succeed in the field of fashion designing and there are tons of grads here who have made their mark in the world of fashion industry. Since it has a lot of market reputation the fees here are higher than in any other fashion schools. However, the school partners with various retailers which provides opportunities to the students.


3. Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp

If you are a serious character who only think about succeeding in the field of fashion designing then you are welcome at Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Many students here have claimed that the school is really strict when it comes to rules and regulations but that is what drives the school to produce some great students like Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Haider Ackermann and Bruno Pieters. The school has the history or producing star designers and it is also one of the oldest and top fashion schools in the world.


4. London College of Fashion, London

If you are in London and you didn’t get the opportunity to get admission in Central St. Martins then you should try your luck at London College of Fashion which is equally good and has the reputation of being one of the top fashion schools in the world. This school has given us Jimmy Choo, Patrick Cox and Alek Wek. This school also has fashion journalism as one of the subjects which is something that most schools do not offer. You can even look out for other odd subjects like fashion critics and curation.


5. Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

If you want to make your career in fashion designing, fashion marketing, textiles and even in visual arts then this is the school you should be in. The Fashion Institute of Technology commonly known as FIT is one of the best fashion schools in the United States. The location of the school is an advantage to the school because they have contacts with various retailers and fashion professionals. Hence, students here can always get some practical experience while they are studying.


6. UpToDate Academy, Milan

Milan is the European fashion capital and therefore there are many fashion schools here that teach you more about the latest fashion trends and how you can become top fashion designer.

The good thing about this fashion school is the number of courses that are offered. It has more courses available than any other top fashion schools and therefore students who are looking for more options should come here for fashion study.


7. Polimoda Fashion Marketing Institute, Florence

If you are hunting for a good fashion school which has been a leader in producing great fashion designers then you should look out for Polimoda Fashion Marketing Institute where you get the training to become successful fashion designer.

The school provides high quality classes and courses for undergraduate students as well.

You can even look for Masters level specialization programs.


8. Beckmans College of Design, Sweden

Established in 1939, this fashion school is among the oldest in Sweden and have produce some really great talent.

The interesting thing about this fashion school is that they are not only limited to men’s and women’s wear but they encourage students to come up with different designs that can broaden their viewpoint on fashion and improve world fashion.


9. Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture, France

This is certainly one of the popular fashion schools in France and this fashion school has provided us with great designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino. There are four programs available here and therefore students get better perspective of fashion.


10. NIFT, New Delhi

India is very much on the map of global fashion and therefore many students prefer to get admission at NIFT to get something better out of their talent. This fashion schools is definitely gaining popularity globally and there are many international students who are now flocking to India for getting different kind of fashion education.