Your Foolproof Beauty Regime for a Fab Night Out

Feeling fab on a night out takes a fair amount of preparation. Choosing your outfit and accessories, styling your hair and applying the perfect make-up: there’s a lot to get right. From the indulgent prep-work to a regenerative night-time routine when you return, read on for a foolproof beauty regime that will set you up for a fab night out…

Set Aside Some Pamper Time

One of the worst recipes for disaster when preparing for a night out is to rush. Not only will you have less time to perfect your look but you’ll likely feel a little stressed, which won’t do you any favours. Set aside a couple of hours to ensure that you can treat yourself to a complete beauty regime put on your favourite music and enjoy the process.

Back at Home

Okay, so the night out is over, but the last thing you want is to wake up feeling like your skin has had a hard time of it. Stave off the tiredness long enough to cleanse, tone and moisturise. It is also a good idea to apply a regenerate night cream to ensure that your skin gets some TLC while you sleep.

Take a Relaxing Bath or Shower

Wind down from the day by taking a relaxing bath or shower. Use a moisturising body wash, and a shampoo that is designed specifically for your hair type. An intensive conditioning treatment is also good before a night out for silky, shiny hair. Towel dry your body to exfoliate and go through your usual cleanse, tone and moisturising routine. Apply body moisturiser to any areas that will be on show.

Go for a Tried and Tested hair Style

Now probably isn’t the time to try a complicated new hairstyle. You don’t want to stress yourself out by choosing something that doesn’t work and having to start again. Go for a style that is different and special but that you’ve tried before. Don’t dry your hair on too high a heat as this can leave it looking frizzy and dry. Try a cool setting and use a heat protecting spray before you curl or straighten.

Take your time over Makeup

We all know that rushing the makeup stage can leave us worrying about whether we made any glaring mistakes when we do head out. Make sure you have good light in front of a large mirror and take your time. When it comes to foundations, concealers and powders, it’s best to use products you know and trust to avoid any clashes with skin tone. As for eye makeup – why not play around? If you have the time, trying out a new eye makeup style from one of your favourite magazines can be a simple yet effective way of finding a fresh new look.

Make up

Wear Something You Feel Good in

Confidence is sexy, and it’s often not so much about what you’re wearing as how you wear it. Select an outfit that you’ve been complimented in before and feel well in – unless you’re sure a new outfit does you justice, that is! Now is not the time to start scrutinizing your body. Feeling good is looking good, so focus on your best assets and wear with pride.

Follow these steps and you should set yourself up for a feel-good fab night out. Are there any essential beauty basics that have to be a part of your regime? Leave us your tips below!

Tina Ramps writes for a number of online health and beauty magazines, as well as having a penchant for fashion. She’s currently based in Sussex, UK.

Image by Juandec, used under Creative Comms license.