Shopping guide to Designer Clothing

It is no coincidence that boutique rhymes with chic! Shopping for exclusive high fashion clothing takes place in boutiques, tendencies are established in boutiques, the most up-to-date fashion statements are made in boutiques. For the most demanding and discerning fashion-followers, boutique shopping is the only option.

What is a boutique?

The dictionary defines ’boutique’ as a ‘small shop selling fashionable clothing, jewellery or other generally expensive items’. Boutiques certainly are fashionable; the items on offer always express the very latest trends in design and style. They are not necessarily small, and many department stores or retail emporiums have fair-sized boutique departments specialising in exclusive, niche or top-fashion articles. Contrary to general belief, boutiques are not always horribly expensive; even boutiques have their sales and promotions, and at times offer the chance to snap up good bargains on exclusive items.

Why shop in a boutique?

Exclusivity is the magic word. In boutiques you can find that unexpected piece that is unavailable anywhere else. Boutique clothing is a declaration of high fashion, and boutique jewellery and accessories such as bags and belts all have that fashionista feel to them. The new dress, jewellery or accessory purchased in the local department store is instantly recognisable, everybody has seen it already. A unique item from a boutique creates a very different impression: usually surprised admiration mingled with speculation on how much it cost! Indeed, boutique fashion can be quite costly: apart from the odd lucky bargain, you could end up spending a pretty penny, although this expense is generally well compensated by admiring glances and favourable comments.

Boutique on-line

Even in these times of crisis and austerity, exclusive boutique shopping is not completely beyond our budget: boutique shopping on-line offers high fashion, enormous choice and good prices. On-line boutiques have all the chic and fashionable characteristics of the boutique in the high street, but the prices reflect their on-line status. Internet shopping is always cheaper, using jjill promo code can help, this doubly applies to on-line boutique shopping. On-line boutiques offer original and unique accessories and jewellery, and top fashion clothing straight from the catwalk, all at very reasonable prices.