How to Match Your ECig to Your Outfit

Going out on a date or grocery shopping? Going out for a short walk? It maybe just like matching your bag to your lipcolor, or nail polish. Or your jewelry to your hair color, or your tie to your pair of socks. But when it comes to matching your ecig to your outfit, it’s a new thing only a vaper understands, even for a guy.

Well, the laws may have changed but ecigs will always and forever be recognized as a must-have accessory for a serious ex-tobacco smoker. The details below will help you make that perfect look and feel more confident.

Lay Back Lanyards:

Lay Back Lanyards

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If you’re a vaper who’s always on the go, you can keep you ecig close to your heart by using a lanyard. Available in many colors and fashionable styles, lanyards are a perfect accessory to match your laid-back look. As convenient as any neck piece, there’s no need to hold your ecig all the time or to remove the whole device, and it’s not a problem if you’re short on pockets or not carrying a bag. Lanyards also come with stylish carrying cases and you can have it custom-made with whatever design you may have in mind.

Tube Tanks for all Seasons:

Forget the lanyard if you’re a vaper who prefers the no-neck piece look and is more concerned with the liquid volume capacity of your ecig. Like lanyards, ecig tube tanks are also made available in many colors and you can replace your ecig’s existing one with another color that can match any outfit of any season.

Hand in Hand:

You may have your ecig in bright, neon color and completely pimped up. But how you hold your ecig can greatly affect your overall look too. Ecigs may look like regular cigarettes (there’s lots of debate around this) but don’t work like one. So if you’re content with a regular starter kit, then what’s more important is to know the proper way to hold or use it. As a newbie, it’s recommended that you hold your ecig horizontally and not turn it upside down. Also keep it in mind even when your ecig is not in use. You may forget how to hold properly when you use it again.

Hand in Hand

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Now, if you’re still in awe of the unlimited style possibilities that ecigs have in store for you (the health benefits are known vs smoking, just keep in mind that starter kits and ecig accessories vary from one to the other. You may think that a lanyard will work best. But then you realize later on that getting an ecig mod is a better option. Ecig mods have different specifications too. So it’s still a matter of preference. Because if you don’t have any, how you carry or wear your ecig can be a problem. The non-smoking public may think that you’re just showing off your coolness and trying to get their attention. It really pays to learn more about functionality and convenience. To start looking for an ecig kit that can be a good match to your outfit or fashion personality, just go here:

Mods of the Moment:

Mods of the Moment

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Forget the lanyard, forget the tube tank if you’re a vaper who prefers to dress to impress. Available in compact, slim and durable designs, ecig mods are a perfect accessory designed for vapers who love flavor and vapor but hate short battery life. Well, of course, you just can’t imagine yourself wearing a suit and only to carry your ecig without any battery left.

The Battery Effect:

Every ecig device, starter kit and mod come with batteries. If your personal style is function over fashion, then you’ll surely be more concerned with the battery life of your ecig. Yes, the simpler, the better. Most types of ecigs come in pen-like designs and like any other ecig accessories, batteries are replaceable with any color of your preference.

Just the Tips:

If you love the minimalist style, you can simply pimp up your ecig with drip tips. Also available in a range of sizes and designs, this vaping accessory can actually prove that less is more. From plastic, wood, metal, glass, stone or any combination, you can match your ecig to your outfit to the next level with ease.

Rainbow Bright:

Another option for the minimalist is the lack of need for extras like lanyards, replacement tube tanks or whatsoever. There’s no need to accessorize because ecig kits come in many colors and color combinations more than you can imagine. A crisp combination of yellow and green, a soft combination of pastels, the all-time favorite’s red and blue, a powerful match of cobalt blue and turquoise or a heavenly match of tan and maroon. With a wide selection of designs to choose from, any starter kit will actually do just fine. All you need is a perfect color combination and matching your ecig to your outfit can never go wrong.

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