Online Swimwear Retailers Cater to Real Women

What’s unfortunate is that according to mainstream media, the average woman in the world today would be considered overweight by most definitions. One might think that many more realistic sizes would be reflected in the lines of clothing available, but the industry has been amazingly slow to catchup. Real women want real choices in their clothing, and out of the clothing choices out there, nothing is more difficult to find in stores than flattering, properly fitted swimwear. Thankfully, models like Tess Holliday are showing women what plus sized fashion is, and how great it can look.

Swimwear to Real Women

Image by Steve Crane

Her advocacy has prompted some online retailers to take up a market that traditional brick and mortar stores are ignoring – one that not only offers plus size bathing suits for real women, but also caters to their needs specifically. for example, carries Graham’s exclusive line among the lines of other plus sized designers like Gabi Gregg. One of the best things about these sites is that they offer women a great selection. It also means that they can study some of the options that are out there. It’s often said that real women have curves. Browsing swimwear online means that they can find out how to make the most of those curves. For example, many women find that a high waisted bikini is the perfect complement to their body type. These suits are designed to smooth the belly area in order to create a more streamlined appearance and at the same time,they hug the hips in order to help a woman emphasize the more classic hourglass frame. These can complement both a woman’s look and her prowess in the water. This bikini style tends to also complement the upper body and all the assets that a real woman wants to show off. If the bikini is your go to, check out for high waist, mid waist, low waist, underwire styles, and for the season’s hottest patterns – their S4A X Jamberry collection.

Women's swimwear

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Many plus sized women also appreciate the fact that online shopping offers such a wide variety of tankinis. These styles are especially well suited to larger body types due to the fact that they offer more coverage while still remaining quite flattering. A tankini can also cross into the world of active wear, being modest enough for a quick dash into town. After all, the term real woman doesn’t just apply to body type. It also means that a woman is on track with her life and ready to take care of any business at hand.


Image by Steve Crane

Cover ups are becoming especially popular for the same reason. Sales are constantly growing at online swimsuit stores due to the fact that cover ups offer even more day to day utility than a tankini. A tankini is more of a crop top and bikini combo, but the cover up is closer to being an actual dress. While a tankini is fine for a quick trip to a nearby store, a cover up will often be something that women can outright wear when taking a stroll around town. It’s both flattering and a bit risqué, but it’s also flexible enough to fit almost any dress code.

Cover ups

Image by Steve Crane

Of course these selections are all only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a great amount of fashion choices to be found through using online swimwear retailers that recognize the importance of celebrating all body types.