Pantyhose in Summer – To do or not to do?

As we all know, summer in the USA is hot. Hot, hot, hot. If we could, we’d strip down to our swimsuits and cover ourselves in ice water all day, even if the office. Unfortunately of course, this is only acceptable in our own homes, not on the street, not in a cafe and not in the office.

It’s hard to stay cool in summer and still look fabulous. Light summer dresses are always a favourite of mine. Bare arms, bare legs and sandals are just what I want for those scorching hot days but unfortunately, this attire is not always wholly appropriate; particularly within the workplace.

Covering up our flesh unfortunately is a must for office environments. Particularly in very male dominated environments where you want to be taken seriously for your brain and not your body, also for those of us working in situations where we are representing clients – we wouldn’t ever want to hurt their chances. So what to do? It is inevitable that we are going to have to let ourselves boil, but in what way? We still need to look like we’re relatively cool or people will think we’re crazy. The illusion of bare legs without actually having bare legs is a good idea for the office – dire though it can be.

Nude pantyhose are absolutely fantastic for office wear. They add sophistication to an outfit as well as creating the illusion of flawless skin. They also mean you won’t stick to your shoes in the heat. Although some of you may not want to have to smother your legs in pantyhose during the summer months, some of you may actually much prefer this to having bare legs and in that case, this really is the perfect option for you! There are many reasons as to why women would opt to wear pantyhose in summer, namely the fact that some women are insecure about their legs and feel protected having a layer between their legs and the rest of the world. Pantyhose can also provide some support for you around the stomach, which helps confidence when wearing a tight skirt.

In America, we know that the topic of nude pantyhose in summer is contested due to social expectations, the temperatures and personal preference. In some states, people would not go near pantyhose and would think that anyone wearing them in summer is off their rock, whereas in other states, they are a necessity for work and other everyday activities. However, in Europe, particularly the UK, pantyhose have no stigma attached and whether or not one chooses to wear pantyhose is never a disputed subject. One reason for this is most likely due to the weather being cooler in the summer months (although temps can reach up to 30 degrees).

Pantyhose are far more of a necessity rather than fashion choice and you will find many girls in summer dresses wearing black pantyhose underneath summer dresses for practicality purposes as well as for aesthetics. Although women and girls of all ages favour pantyhose in the winter (it is school uniform for girls up to the age of 16 and thus a very normal accessory), in the hotter season, younger women will tend not to wear pantyhose, normally on the basis that they are more body confident than older women. However, it is not uncommon to see younger women in nude pantyhose even out of the office.

So, should we wear pantyhose in the summer? The answer is simply dependent on your preference and your work environment. Nude pantyhose can really enhance the appearance of your legs but equally can be uncomfortable in high heats. Having bare legs can be completely acceptable in some work environments but for those that it is not, there are nude pantyhose to help you look like you’re dressing for summer, even if you are sweating your way through the day.

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