Finding that Perfect Range of Summer Dresses

Summer is here! And after this month’s heatwave, it’s not hard so hard to believe anymore.

Summer wardrobes are both a highlight of summer and bit of a down point of summer depending on which way you look at it. It’s fun to think of getting out of jeans and jumpers and into shorts and sandals in theory, but sometimes, we would rather stick to the comfort of our favourite jeans and boots rather than having to reveal our pasty legs and have a whole set of worries that we do not have in winter such as shaving, tanning, sitting on metal or leather seats, having our toenails perfectly painted and of course, trying to frantically tone our legs, tums and bums before slipping into something more revealing than we’d like.


Image Credit: Aristotle_X

When it comes to summer clothing, us Brits aren’t quite as accustomed to it as we are to other seasons just frankly because we don’t have much of a summer. We don’t get to wear our summer clothes very often so it can be hard to work out exactly what style we’re going for, what we like and what we don’t like. Summer fashion styles are fleeting (but gorgeous) and each year, we feel like we’re catching up with the year before still. I feel that this is the case with nearly every summer clothes item except summer dresses.

Summer dresses are a classic. To the knee/above the knee summer dresses mean you can’t go wrong. I still have a couple of lovely floaty floral numbers that don’t seem to go out of fashion which I wear and re-wear every year. Despite this, I still like to look out for new ones all the time. Nice safe, pretty, flattering dresses where all you have to worry about is the wind because you know them so well. However, I have found that this year in particular, I have struggled to find a good summer dress range, it’s almost as if all the high street shops think that we already have enough from years previous.

As a result of this, I have started to turn away from the high street shops and to more boutiquey stores. On my search, I came across a great store called ‘La Vida Boutique’ ( which has a large and lovely selection of summer dresses right up my street.

They have a huge variety of styles such as floaty, skater, slim line and A-Line dresses with multiple different patterns, frills and designs. Their range has enough variety to attract almost any style preference and they are all timeless.

Unlike the high street shops too, these products are not made in a slapdash style, radiating bad quality whilst looking like something off the catwalk. The dresses from ‘La Vida Boutique’ are fantastic quality, beautiful and the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe.

As well as a lovely summer dress range, they also do a huge variety of other clothes both casual and smart including ideal ranges for weddings, summer evenings and casual but unique shorts and t-shirts.

This boutique is a real gem!

Image Credit: Lisa Widerberg