5 Stylish iPhone Cases to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

 Stylish iPhone Cases

Your super sleek iPhone doesn’t need a cover to look gorgeous, yet it does need protection. So, why not protect it while making it more stylish? Let’s familiarize you with 5 stylish iPhone cases that will keep your iPhone’s body safe from any damage. The best part is, they will make your cool iPhone look even cooler!

1. Leather Cases

As simple and natural as its texture, leather cases add a sophisticated look without complicating your phone’s design. Handmade leather iPhone cases personalize your phone according to your taste. Get your iPhone waterproofed and dust protected while keeping the shades either natural (brown, coffee, back) or funky to match your colorful personality. For small iPhones, there are plenty of small cases too. You’ve spent so much on purchasing an iPhone, so if you feel like showing off the signature bitten apple, go for customized leather cases that come with a framed back hole to reveal the fabled apple logo.

2. Metallic Bumper Cases

Metallic bumper cases are among our favorite cases, as they add a beautiful metallic bumper around the exterior of your iPhone. Coming in stylish metallic shades, the metallic construction gives an excellent resistant against nasty knocks and drops, while the raised bezel lifts the edges up from the screen to protect it from scratching or shattering. You must be having second thoughts about the weight it will add. Well, guess what? It’s extremely light, because the metal often used, is aluminum.

3. Wallet Cases

Looking for a versatile iPhone case? Wallet cases might just be your answer. Similar to your average wallets, the construction material is leather. A wallet case lets you store all the necessities in one place. The slots might vary with the price. For an urbane person, the available shades are neutral. These cases will not only insulate your iPhone’s exterior from wearing, but also provide a nifty solution for both, your phone case and your wallet selection.

4. Printed Cases

Personalized items always look pretty catchy. And if you’re someone having a creative approach, opt for a printed iPhone case. Digital printing is an in-thing nowadays. Whether it’s your favorite image or a quote, you can easily get it embossed on a notebook cover, coffee mug, bag, t-shirt and even on your phone’s case. Settle for a graphical iPhone case, which boasts both protection and attractiveness.

5. Power Cases

Do you have to carry your iPhone in one hand and power bank in the other? You’ll be pleased to know that there are cases that provide wireless charging while serving as a protection cover. Get acquainted with iPhone power cases offering plenty of power ranges. If you’re an all-time traveler, you may need a high range power charging case. Keep the power flowing with these cases that come with an easy on/off toggle switch. All in all, battery cases are the perfect blend of style and utility.

Image by pexels