2018 Top Fashion Trends for Men

Kicking off 2018 in a bold style, this year is bringing forward serious fashion for men. Blending style from the past into trends of today, gents are toning up for the ongoing season. The major looks speak of a heavy attitude and are bound to stick for the year. If you are wondering what pieces of clothing to invest in, I have rounded up the most mainstream fashion trends for men. So, read on to get the coolest and most youthful attires that straddle appeal and everyday functionality.

Vintage Checks:

Vintage Checks

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At the end of 2017, checks were into heavily veering for women. Come 2018 and checks are now dominantly adopted by gents; from trousers to jackets and even caps. If you plan to rock this look, start off with a single piece of checkered-garment like a jacket or a blazer. If this single statement makes you comfortable, can move on to the addition of a matching piece such as pants, a hat or a bag. To embrace the next-level range of checks, don’t forget to customize your checkered outfits at NNT Customised.

Turtleneck Suits:

Turtleneck Suits

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Suits are never out of style. But it is essential to keep up your tailoring according to trends every season. This year comes with the attitude of pairing up the right inners with your suit. If the weather gets a bit chilly, swap your typical shirt with a turtleneck jersey. The combination of suit and turtleneck can bring out the best in you. It looks remarkably stylish and sleek. You can manage this combination with office, casual events, and dinners.

Camel Statements:

Camel Statements

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If you’re wondering your most desired color to wear this summer, decide on getting warm and rich shades of brown. With a defining statement, the camel tone tends to rock a stylish and chic appearance. Don’t just monotone the camel hue; you should try differing shades and variances to layer up the look. Characteristically, if you make up your mind to wear just a single piece of brown, go for a tailored jacket or blazer coupled with a pair of jeans and a white shirt.

Comfort Dressing:

Comfort Dressing

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One emerging fashion amongst gentlemen this year is soft textured garments. Loose garments, as well, are getting along with soft textures to project a bespoke style. From suede to corduroy, tactile fabrics are making a mark on gentlemen’s attire. Principally, popular in the autumn and winter season, this trend can be partnered with neutral tones of brown, black and white.



It is no secret that athletic accents have been hanging around for some time and may continue to do so in the future. What makes an entirely fresh look is the blending of smarter pieces of clothing with athleisure. Achieving a chic and laidback appearance, these athletic trends yield a perfect statement for varying occasions and events.

Vertical Stripes:

Vertical Stripes

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The ground is set for stripes. Vertical stripes are lending a refreshing outlook and even the most fundamental element is highly eye-catching. It can both be subtle and bold at the same time, subject to your personalization. For a thriving look, choose bold stripes with thick contrasting hues. For a subtle look, select thinner stripes with cool and soft tones.

Perhaps you are up-to-date with the ongoing trends but these mainstream statements are just what you need to tune up your wardrobe.